Strives to be one of Thailand’s leading residential property development companies, and offer quality products and services at reasonable prices.


  • Financial mission :
  • Build financial stability and generate greatest benefits for shareholders, through sustained sales growth and efficient cost management.
  • Marketing mission :
  • Deliver quality products - in terms of location, construction standards, and environment - at reasonable prices, provide excellent customer service, and constantly make the “ChuanChuen” brand known to the public as a leading residential property development company.
  • Production and service mission :
  • Deliver quality products and excellent services on time and with efficiency, and continue to improve product quality.
  • Management mission :
  • Enhance competitiveness, always make an all-out effort to achieve the goals set for all operations, and promote good governance.
  • Personnel mission :
  • Instill a sense of responsibility in maintaining quality and providing service, and create a culture of continuous learning and development in a friendly working environment.
In addition to being a leading developer of residential property in Thailand that seeks to offer valuefor-money products and services to its clients, the Company added a vision on sustainable well-being by setting an additional business goal in terms of marketing, to present products for sustainable well-being, under the conceptual framework of well-being, and foster an awareness in this concept among its personnel.